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Dehydration and fasting

Water. We as humans are made up of approximately 60% water of total body weight (40 litres). According to the British Dietetic Association guidelines, an average adult is suppose to drink 2.5 litres of water (or 4.3 pints). We need it to live just as we need food. We can go days and even longer without food but we need water regularly to live. We lose large amounts of water through just walking, working, and sweating. All this can cause us to feel more thirsty than hungry.

I have always found that during start of fasting, after eating, I would drink a copious amount of water to keep me going throughout the day. I would stay away from milk and from milky or heavy drinks and especially from soda type drinks as these are high in sugar and may help to expel much of your energy early on in the day more than you would normally.

As this year’s Ramadan is during summer, we can expect some warm temperatures. Exercise regimes will have to be changed, perhaps try to work out in the evenings after Iftar. Try to also stay out of the sun if you can help it and plan your day accordingly to include rest times. And don’t forget to cover up to avoid sunburn and excessive sweating.

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