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Do's & Dont's and Guidelines during Ramadan

There are some activities which are restriced during the Holy month of Ramadan. It is not up to us as individuals to decide what is or what is not allowed but to follow what is prescribed out for us as Muslims to do.

  1. No eating foods or drinking liquids from dawn to sunset
  2. No chewing gum
  3. No smoking (or those activites such as drugs which are not permitted any ways in Islam)
  4. No sexual contact between husband and wife during the hours of fasting
  5. Not participatin in those activities which would be considered haram in anyways in Islam

While there are those activities which are not allowed, there are also some within the Islamic faith who are not required to fast.

  1. Not required for women during menstrual period
  2. Not required of children until they reach puberty
  3. Not required of the mentally ill or those of physical ill health


Helpful advice during Fasting

  1. It is advisable to drink plenty of water before starting your fasts to help keep you hydrated through out the day.
  2. Try to avoid strenuous exercise that could cause you to perspire too much. Leave exercising until after you open your fasts.
  3. Avoid certain foods which are salty or other dry foods which could cause you to get very thirsty later in the day
  4. Avoid direct sunlight when possible and keep yourself covered when out and about. Wearing a hat an help as you will sweat less and feel less thirsty.
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