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Exercise during Ramadan

If you are fitness fanatic or if you like to hit the gym once in a while then you may have wondered in the past how to combine Ramadan with your current exercise regime. It is not an easy question to answer as everyone is different and it depends on a number of factors such as the intensity of your workouts, the frequency, and much more. Below are a few general guidelines which should give you some basic advice regarding working out during fasting times.

•make sure not to start any new exercise programs or regimes during the month of Ramadan.
•try to opt for lower intensity workouts for the month of fasting. Instead of running lots of laps around the park, why not try walking instead.
•opt for evening exercising if possible or later in the day rather than early morning. If you start to work out when fasting is soon to end then you will be able to eat and recover faster
•try not to focus too much on cardio vascular training as this is a quick way to deplete your energy
•be sure to drink plenty of water before Sehri time and after Iftar time and keep your calorie intake at a good level
•listen to your body, don't try and do more than it can handle. Your body is like a perfectly made machine and all machines need fuel so bear that in mind when you feel like over doing it on the cross trainer or tread mill.
•this year’s fasting will be during the summer heat so stay covered if you are going outside. Use baseball caps and wear plenty of sun screen protection.

The above is simply some basic information and we would recommend seeing your doctor to discuss any exercise regimes during Ramadan

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