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Letter from the Mayor of London to Ramadan Times

We had written to the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, during last year’s Ramadan and asked if he would like to add a few words for the Muslims in the UK. We recieved a letter back and we found this to be a very positive way forward for all of us Muslims that truly the mayor of London had understood that Ramadan is a large scale and wondrous month for Muslims and he wrote the following words which we placed on our homepage to welcome visitors to the site. I

There is a serious undertone to this though, I want our politicians and MP's to know that during a 1 month out of 12, millions of Muslims in their constituencies observe a holy and brilliant event known as Ramadan and maybe they should know learn more about it.

Below is a message from the Mayor of London to

"I am proud of London's diversity and I believe and understand Ramadan is an important time for the Muslim community. I would like to pass on my best wishes to UK RamadanTimes and to all the people who will be taking part in Ramadan this year."

Yours Sincerely
Boris Johnson
Mayor of London


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