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London Olympics and Ramadan -
Response back from LOCOG regarding email

We have recently written an email to the The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games regarding any provisions being made for Muslim athletes and spectators during the observstion of fasting while the Olympic games are on. Below is the response we recieved back today as of May 30, 2012

LOCOG Spokesperson said:

“Ramadan will take place from 19/21 July – 17/20 August in 2012.  The Games will be inclusive and involve all communities, and we proactively include and involve people throughout our workforce, procurement and Games time service delivery.  This is not a new issue - Beijing held the 2008 Paralympic Games during Ramadan, to acclaim.  This year, the UK will host the Aviva London Grand Prix as well as the 3rd and 4th npower Cricket Test Matches v Pakistan at the Brit Oval and Lord’s during Ramadan. 

“LOCOG will approach provisions for Ramadan in an inclusive manner, accounting for various beliefs, not just Islam. Throughout the process we’ve undertaken so far Muslim colleagues have made it clear that they do not seek special treatment and they support this approach.  Whilst we are conscious that Ramadan is a key factor for us to be aware of and to account for in a positive way, we do not want to risk isolating other groups.  With Ramadan and the 40th Anniversary of the Munich attack falling during the London 2012 Games, LOCOG must take a multi-faith approach.  As such, LOCOG has set up a Faith Reference Group to work through issues such as these and provide expert advice.

“Dr Muhammed Bari, Secretary General of Muslim Council of Great Britain, is on the LOCOG Board.  We will continue to engage with MCB but also with MINAB and other groups through the Faith Reference Group which is run by LOCOG and which provides a valuable consultative body to guide our work.”

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