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Working while fasting

As we all know we have to work and that doesn't change just because we are fasting. It is going to be challenging for some as you have to wake up very early and forgo the whole breakfast and coffee routine you have become so accustomed to and no you can most definitely not have that takeaway cappuccino on your way to the office. While all your other colleagues are eating lunch you have to make do with the fact that you will be waiting some time until you can enjoy that first meal. But why put such a negative spin on it. While your colleagues are having lunch you can always go for a walk or to the shops as sitting idly will not do anyone any good.

Employers have come a long way when it comes to respecting Muslims fasting and making special arrangements. You will be surprised by how much your employer at actually go out of their way in wanting to help, but you need to ask. Do not wait until the start of Ramadan to let them know that you may need to take your lunch break at 4pm because fast opens then, let them know well in advance. We At Ramadantimes always try to keep our timetables updated as fast as possible so you can tell your employers well in advance, they will appreciate it.

One noticeable occurrence that can happen is some people can be irritable and may be quick to temper as they are have been fasting. We need to remember that it is for Allah command that we fast and we do it as a requirement to fulfil one of the five pillars of Islam. Try to pace your workload throughout the day, doing harder and more difficult work early on in the day and leaving lighter workloads for the afternoon, but we are all different and you need to see what works best for you.

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