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RamadanTimes Just 4 Kids!

masjidAssalaamu-Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullah-Wa-Barakatuh 

We welcome all of our young Muslims to our new addition to our website, Ramadantimes 'Just 4 Kids!' We will be adding more to here over the coming weeks and welcome all Muslims, young and old, for any suggestions. We felt that there was never enough on the internet for our children during the month of Ramadan so we felt we should change that. Ramadan Mubarak

Let’s change our habits and follow the Sunnah:

1. - Instead of Hello/Hi, say Asalam Alikum
2. - Instead of Thanks, say Jazaak(i/um) Allah Khair
3. - Instead of Bye-Bye Take care, say Fi Amanillah
4. - Instead of Wow/Great, say Masha’Allah Subhan’Allah
5. - Instead of okay, say Insha’Allah
6. - Instead of saying I’m fine, say Alhamdullillah.

Learn the Arabic Alphabet with this great free poster
Ramadan Highway code. A great and fun resource to keep you on the right track during this Ramadan
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